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Lisa Trepanier, Ph.D., C.Psych
• Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at University of Toronto 
• Contract Faculty at York University in Toronto 
• Active member of OPA, INS, NAN, & CAPDA


I have extensive experience with clients in the field of medicine, neurology, and psychiatry. I have helped students with learning difficulties. I also work with clients from WSIB, rehabilitation facilities, police, aviation, EMS and fire services. I see clients privately or through their physicians, employers or insurance companies. It is rare for a Neuropsychologist to also be fully trained in psychotherapy. I bring a wide knowledge base to my understanding of human behavior that I share freely and compassionately with my clients. I take a practical approach to client's subjective complaints about their
physical and mental health.

I am dually trained as a Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist. I am able to provide thorough examinations of your brain health, mental health, and/or personality. I actively provide psychotherapy and other forms of psychological treatment related to these issues. I teach at York University, am on Faculty at the University of Toronto and regularly attend workshops/conferences, which helps to keep my knowledge current and practical. Common referral issues relate to work, mood, coping, chronic stress, chronic pain, or an acquired problem. Whether you struggle with your physical and/or mental health, I can assist you with improving both.

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